We have worked with Becky for more than 10 years. She is quick, efficient, extremely honorable and responsive. We recommend her services without reservation. She has done corporate business and personal taxes for us, as well as complex estate tax valuation issues, partnership, LLC and trust returns in several states. By handling tax issues for our elderly parents, she also keeps " tabs" on their competence in very subtle and non-confrontational ways. In addition, she is a lovely friend with a great sense of humor and beautiful children.
Amy Curtis

Rebecca is a pro.  I have used her services since the 2006 tax year.  She has an easy-to-follow program for filing income taxes, meets all of her commitments and is very responsive to email.  I recommend her services. 
Chris Oleson

I have valued Becky's sound judgment on financial matters, accessibility, and good advice for many years.  Her sense of humor is priceless!
Bronwyn Edwards, SirenSong Productions

Becky is extremely knowledgeable and current, prompt in responding, and very competent! We have worked with Becky for 18 years. She has also been my mother's and our children's accountant. Becky has helped us not only with financial issues, but has also been a strong resource for Social Security issues with one of our children.
Dr. & Mrs. Allen South

Becky has been our personal and business accountant for almost twenty years and we would highly recommend her to anyone. She has provided friendly and helpful support over the years on various business matters, and we can't imagine our practice without her.
Drs. Dominic Lee and Laura Konen

Becky Braun and I have worked together to assist mutual clients for over 10 years.  During that time, the three most important things that I’ve learned about Becky are: 1) she is extremely efficient; 2) she gives her clients great advice; and 3) Becky is a genuinely nice person and is a lot of fun to do business with.  I’ve referred firms and individuals to Becky for years and I’ll continue to do so.
Winslow Hayes

Vice President and Relationship Manager
Core Business Bank

Becky Braun provides strategic tax preparation and business planning for my investment management and financial planning firm. We have worked together for several years and Becky helped me find a bookkeeper and now all our corporate books are on QuickBooks. She was able to help me locate an administrator for our Safe Harbor 401k plan, discussed my corporate and personal balance sheet with my banker when I was restructuring personal and corporate debt, and evaluated the tax merit of a Health Savings Plan for myself and employees. In a small business, the lines between the individual and corporation are not far apart. We own our own building, and have real estate investments out of state, much like my client base. Whenever I need to make a financial decision that will impact me personally and in my business, I call Becky to help create bottom line decision-making models for me that look at tax and cash flow issues. I have referred several clients to Becky over the years to provide these same services to them. She is a valuable professional team member who provides timely responses when I have questions for myself or clients.
Kathleen Miller, President
Miller Advisors, Inc. 

Becky Braun: Not a number cruncher, but a counselor.
David Sucher, President
City Comforts, Inc. 

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