We advise all our business clients to use an outside payroll service, rather than doing payroll themselves. Why? Payroll has become a very complicated area with severe penalties if you make a mistake. If you are just a few days late in making your payroll tax deposit, you can be charged a penalty on the entire deposit of up to 10%! Are you aware that you must report all new hires to the state? Did you know about the additional Medicare tax on wages over $200,000? Did you know that you can no longer use deposit coupons to make your payroll tax deposits starting in 2011? Are you ready to implement all the new health care act provisions?

You already know the benefits of using a professional to plan and prepare your income tax returns. You also need a professional to handle all aspects of your payroll and payroll reporting functions.

Our firm recommends Paychex. Many of our clients use them and are very satisfied with the service that they receive. We are given access to all our clients' online payroll reports to use for tax planning and preparation. Paychex is very competitively priced and prepares all federal and state payroll tax returns (including Washington L&I). Visit them at https://www.paychex.com/ for more information about the services that they offer.

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